Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super Hero theme templates

Are you doing a super hero theme this year? Ever since The Avengers came out I've seen a huge spike in all things super hero. I have to admit that I kind of jumped on the bandwagon as well. I didn't read comic books as a kid, but my husband got me hooked on them. Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth make it even easier to get into them, right? :) This past year I had a super hero theme. I thought it would be a huge hit with the boys but I ended up with a class that had way more girls. Either way, I think everyone enjoyed it. I'm planning on doing it again this year and I hope to make it a little better.

I wanted to share two of the templates that my husband drew for me last year and hopefully you can use them too. Even if you're not doing a super hero theme, you could use them along with a writing prompt or whatever else your creative minds think of.
I used the shield to decorate my student's lockers. The super hero template was used for our classroom reading tracker. I took their picture on the first day of school and placed their head on the body for them to decorate. As they grew in reading, their super student moved up the building. I'm thinking I could add a little title to this tracker with Reaching New Heights or Soaring to New Heights. You can see a picture of their completed super hero here.They loved seeing their super hero go up and I'm excited to use this again!

Click here to go to my TPT store to download the free templates. Hope you can use them!


  1. These are so cute! I'm obviously fond of super heroes!

    Come on to to see my daughters teachers blog it is wickid man.

  2. These will be perfect for my class, thank you! :)

  3. I'm doing a Superhero theme this year the Library and these will go great with what I have planned! Thanks so much!

  4. This is such an amazing resource, well done! I am a student speech pathologist and am hoping to use this in an activity to stimulate language use with children. Would you mind if I linked this page from my blog?

  5. Thank you! My kids will love this- especially the boys :) Great motivator for writing!