Monday, June 4, 2012


It's been quite a while. Things have been pretty busy around here. Our last day of school was on the 23rd. I was so sad to see my class go. At the end of last year I truly did not want to teach 1st grade again, I wanted to move up to 2nd grade with my class. I heard that the upcoming class was very low and knew first hand about a lot of behavior issues. I know now that I shouldn't let others opinion form mine. This was an incredible year. My students worked so hard and had a lot of fun while doing it. My goal has always been for my students to grow 1.5 years in both reading and math. Up to this point I had never accomplished that before- my students usually averaged about 1.25 years of growth. Not this year! Based on our test scores my students grew an average of 1.92 years in reading growth and 1.93 years in math growth. Holy canoly!!! After seeing their scores I was a very proud teacher. They're off to great things!

At the beginning of the year I showed my reading tracker that matched my super hero theme. Students move themselves up as they grow in reading levels. Here's how it looked at the end of the year. I've seen a lot of people that are using super heroes as their theme next year. I'll try to find the template my husband drew for our super students in case anyone would like it.

While we got out of school fairly early, I had a five day break before summer school started. I wish we could make enough during the regular year so I didn't have to work summer school. Very jealous of those working on projects and reading and relaxing their days away. At least I'll get all of July off! 

Also, we got a new dog! My husband showed me a shelters website and it just broke my heart. Last Thursday we went out there to look at one dog, and came home with another. He's been a great addition so far. Meet our new cutie, Woody! :) 

I've got quite a few projects I'm planning to start these next couple weeks. Hopefully I can share along the way and you can find something that'll be useful to you. Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!


  1. Elisabeth- I'm excited to meet more WBT friends! By the way your dog is a cutie and Woody? My niece would love that name!!
    Little Minds at Work

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