Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do you use

Do you ever use At my computer work station I have had my kids using Starfall all year. They haven't complained about getting bored with it but I wanted to switch it up a bit so I looked into The first couple of games I played were good, too easy for my kids but overall I knew they'd like them. I then looked into something that we were working on and found an adjective game. Here's what I found when I played the game:

I really couldn't believe that it had this...Do you notice how the 'fat' boy isn't smiling at all and has less footballs than the other boy? I don't see why they couldn't have used an animal or object to show the meaning of fat. Ridiculous!

With that being said, I'm wondering what websites/programs you use in your computer work station that are 100% reliable and free. If you have any great ones, please share!


  1. I use coolmath4kids sometimes and I loove I am able to pick a topic that we are working on. The kids can see how many they get right and wrong. I usually write a goal I want them to reach on the board. :)

  2. CoolMath4Kids is definitely great, too! I also love the National Council for Teaching of Mathematics-they have an Illuminations site that is awesome!

    I tagged you! If you want to play, check it out here...

  3. I just found your blog! I have not been to the Cookie website, but I will try it out. I have also used Starfall, and for math I go to It essentially allows students to work on their math facts. They don't go to the next level until the master each current level. It's really great, and it tracks their progress.

  4. I love Cookie!! I just discovered a few months ago and so far my younger kiddos love it! I agree also about Cool Math! The kids of all ages love that site. I have never heard of ThatQuiz, but will check it out!