Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dogzilla & a blogger award

Have you ever read this gem? I kept chuckling while I was reading it to my students today. They of course didn't get the names (Scarlet O'Hairy, hehe) but the illustrations were just so funny they didn't care. We read this to focus on the beginning, middle, and end of a story. It was also great for making predictions. It's rated EG- Extremely Goofy and it was great to bring in for some laughter on our first day back. I have another book by Dav Pilkey called Kat Kong. Based on the reactions to this book, it might be making an appearance soon. : )

This book also reminded me of a book I found during college when I was working at a library.
There's something about placing real dogs in fake situations that cracks me up. I liked it so much that I even read it to any of my friends that came by. Maybe that's why they stopped coming by my last year at college? Hmm... ; ) Just joking!

I don't even own this book but as I'm writing about it I'm thinking this needs to change soon. Please tell me that you've read similar books before?! If you have any suggestions for more humorous stories I'm all ears! : )

I was excited to check my email and see that 2 bloggers, Michelle from Inspired by Kindergarten and Elisabeth (same spelling as me- I knew we could be blogging friends!) from Twins, Teaching and Tacos gave me The Versatile Blogger award. I don't really think my blog is anything too special but I appreciate you two for seeing some potential in it.

Rule 1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back up. Thank you, ladies! Go to their link and be sure to follow them, you won't be disappointed! : )

Rule 2: Tell 7 things about yourself
I feel like since I started blogging again with the 11 in '11 Linky Party I told a lot about myself so some may be repeating.

1- I was diagnosed with diabetes a couple days before I started 3rd grade through a routine physical. When I was in 5th grade my mom was contacted by the Dream Factory (similar to Make a Wish Foundation) that grants wishes for children with terminal and chronic diseases. I was so excited at the possibilities. My first wish was to go play basketball with Shaq. Too bad I got turned down, too many requests. So I had to go back to the drawing board. Second wish- go to NYC and stay at The Plaza Hotel (thanks Home Alone 2 for inspiring me). We got to stay in NYC for 3 days and had such a great time sight seeing. I'm dying to go back so I can actually remember everything, kinda hard for a 9 year old.

2- I taught for 2 years with Teach for America in Memphis. It was one of the best experiences ever. I worked at such an amazing school, despite the cockroaches that ran rampant *eww*. Often times I wish I was back there...and TN in general. I never realized how good they had it down there with taxes. I keep telling my family to move down there so we can all enjoy life with fewer taxes...

3- I went to high school with my husband and never talked to him. I was waaay too shy back then but we both fully believe that everything happens for a reason and our timing was perfect. We reunited when I came home for the summer from Tennessee and spent a year long distance.

4- My all time favorite TV show is Roseanne. I can't get enough of that lady. All my friends thought she was trashy but I thought she was fantastic. After my first official date with my husband we watched the Roseanne Halloween DVD (which he owned)- match made in heaven. At one point we both had the entire season and thought it was a *little* excessive so he ended up selling his. Haha, I love that woman!

5- I'm an obsessive weather checker. If I hadn't been a teacher I would have loved to be a meteorologist.

6- I come from an Elvis loving family. My parents dogs are named Elvis and Priscilla and they also renewed their vows in Vegas WITH Elvis. In the car my mom only listens to the Elvis channel. I like him but my goodness, it drives me crazy after a while!

7- I'm definitely running out of things to say. Umm...I love chips? Honestly, it's a problem. I don't eat too many carbs but I can't help myself around chips. Cool Ranch Doritos? If we ever buy them I hide them from my husband because I'm ashamed how much I've eaten. Is this normal??

Rule 3 is to pass this award on to 15 bloggers. I would love to do that BUT, it's bed time. I'll try to do it soon. Thank you to anyone who has actually read this far. Happy Friday to you! : )


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  2. I absolutely love Dogzilla! Have you read Kat Kong? Its just as good :)

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  3. Thanks for following my site! I am your newest follower! Congrats on your award!!

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  4. Congrats on your award girlie!!! :)